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dc-orange.png Data Center

With all of the emerging technologies like HyperConverge Infrasturcture, Containerization,  Big Data, Server and Network consolitdation, Software Defined Netowrking etc. Data center network automation and orchestration is one of the top initiatives that are driving network decisions to meet business demands. Our goal is to make your Data Centers fast, reliable and easy to Integrate to reduce OpEx. 

Zurien offers management, automation, and orchestration solutions for best-in-class and open-source Data Center services in enterprise-grade environment. You can automate application deployment, configuration and policy changes and reduce multiple and manual workflows across multiple teams to a single automated workflow with DevOps framework. These solutions remove the network bottleneck to enable accurate, less provisioning hours, consistent, open, scalable and agile Data Center.

cloud-computing-orange.png Cloud

Your organization will have the tailored cloud computing needs, and your users will enjoy the reliable, flexible access they demand. We focus on long term relationships with our clients to ensure they get the best cloud integration design, implementation and operations possible, offering them high-end, professional audit services tailored as required.

As your applications move to the cloud to take advantage of economies of scale and unmatched agility, so too should your integration operations. Zurien can assist your organization design and integrate any applications or appliance to cloud service providers.

security-service (1).png

mentoring-orange.png Mentoring Services

Zurien Mentoring Services is a pioneering approach to professional services in which we focus on partner and customer enablement, using a unique blend of product education with hands-on experience to guide customers on the optimal design and implementation strategy.

Zurien Mentoring Services is a knowledge transfer exercise. Throughout the Zurien Mentoring, Zurien ensures the partner is able to accelerate their capabilities, and the customer is empowered to maintain the solution post-implementation and to continually optimize the technology. Blending hands-on, personalized training with real-time coaching, Mentored Services ensure successful implementation and a knowledgeable team to sustain and manage continued adoption.

training-orange.png Customized Training

Zurien specializes in developing end-to-end education solutions for the new product introduction. Helping vendors, resellers, and consumers of advanced and emerging technologies integrate training into a successful technology adoption strategy.

We know how tough it is to find a reliable training partner for emerging technologies. The big education supermarkets often lack expertise in emerging technologies and don’t have real-world experience to deliver solutions-oriented training. Smaller technology-focused niche players have the knowledge but can’t execute consistently or at scale.


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